Bot Builders : Your First Robot

Add the Body

  1. Do the same steps to import the body of your robot.
  2. Feel free to go back to the previous page to check how import a sprite.
  3. Resize the head or the body to your liking.
  4. It doesn't have to be exactly similar to the guide!

  1. Now add arms to your robot.
  2. If you notice, only one side of the arm is available.
  3. Don't fret! Click on the duplicate tool, and click on the arm to clone!

  1. Click on the flip tool on the upper right corner for the other side of the arm.
  2. Drag the arms to each side of the robot.
  3. You may rotate the arm as well!

  1. To rotate, move the anchor point by holding Shift key.
  2. While holding the key, click the dot at the center of the part.
  3. Drag the dot to the shoulder area.
  4. Click the dot outside the box and drag to rotate the part.

  1. Once you're happy with the rotation of the arms, click on the body.
  2. Click on the Bring to Front tool to make the body overlap the arms.
  3. Great job so far! Proceed to the next task.