Bot Builders : Level Up Your Robot

Add a new map

  1. For this activity, we'll be adding more game screens so your game would look complete. You may opt to build on your existing project, work download the Scratch project below.
  2. First, we'll be adding another map to your maze game.
  3. Get Maze Project

  1. To add a new maze, add another backdrop by clicking the backdrop thumbnail.
  2. Click on the Backdrops tab beside the Scripts tab.
  3. You may create a new map from scratch.
  4. If you're using the downloadable maze project, there's another maze created for you.

  1. Let's change the map maze once you reach 10 points.
  2. To do that, use if <> then to compare if your score is equal to 10.
  3. Add it after you change the score by 1 when touching the color of the gold coin.
  4. Use the operator < (score) = [10] > to compare.
  5. Now, use switch backdrop to [next backdrop v] to change the maze inside the If block.

  1. Feel free to add more maps.
  2. You may change the score when the map will change. Think of an interesting way when the next maze will be unlocked.