Bot Builders : Level Up Your Robot

Start Screen

  1. Let's make your game feel more complete by adding a start screen.
  2. Games usually don't start with the actual game right away. They start with an intro screen instead!
  3. Because of this, we'll be changing how our game starts.

  1. First, let's create a new backdrop for the start screen.
  2. Make sure to name your backdrop properly, so you won't get confused. Order them properly as well.
  3. Let's start the game when spacebar is pressed.

  1. Let's hide all the elements that should be hidden in the start screen.
  2. Right click on all your sprites and select "hide"
  3. Furthermore, add this code to all your sprites when green flag clicked
  4. In your robot sprite, attached these after the hide block hide variable [time v]
    hide variable [score v]
  5. At this point only your start screen should be visible.

  1. Since we used when green flag clicked to hide the sprites, we can't use it to start your game anymore.
  2. Instead, change the event to when [space v] key pressed to start your game. Attach show to make the robot appear.
  3. Make sure to change the start timer with when [space v] key pressed as well.
  4. Make sure you also use when [space v] key pressed to trigger the poo sprite and its clones.
  5. Now, add this block to your gold coin so it would appear when you press the spacebar when [space v] key pressed

  1. Now, click on the backdrop thumbnail and add the following code blocks.
  2. This says that when the green flag is clicked, the start screen will appear.
  3. When the spacebar is pressed, it will change to the maze backdrop.
  4. Everything should work now. Try clicking the green flag and press spacebar to start the game.