Bot Builders : Program Your Robot

Build your first game

  1. Hello again! Today, we'll be building your very first maze game!.
  2. In the game, your robot has to collect gold coins while avoiding stepping on poo!
  3. You'll be using a lot of if () then blocks to make your robot smarter.
  4. To get started, you may create your own maze and sprites, or download this starter Scratch project.
  5. Get Starter Project

  1. If you want to build your own robot, make a top view of your robot.
  2. Make sure your robot is facing right.
  3. Set the anchor point of your robot to the center of its head (see gif).
  4. This will be needed as you'll be rotating your robot a lot.
  5. Lastly, duplicate your first costume and click flip left-right.
  6. This will create the illusion that your robot is walking.

  1. To create your own maze, click on the brush icon under "New Background" found at the left of the Sprites panel.
  2. Click on the paint bucket tool and fill your maze floor with the color that you want.
  3. Go to vector mode and use the line tool to build the walls of your maze.
  4. Make sure you select a different color and your lines are thick enough.

  1. Use the shrink tool on your robot sprite.
  2. Make is small enough to fit your maze. Trust me, you'll need a small robot!
  3. Afterwards, click and drag your robot to the starting point of your maze.
  4. Be creative with creating your own maze! You may even start at the center!

  1. Now, make two more sprites! Click on the brush icon at the top of the Sprites panel to do so.
  2. Create one sprite for the gold coin.
  3. Create another for the poo!
  4. make sure to shrink both sprites as small as your robot!