Junior Coders : Scratch Canvas

Paint Blots

  1. Let's make your first brush!
  2. If you press A key, it should draw a square with pick random (10) to (100) for its size.
  3. Every time you draw a square, the color and pen size should change.
  4. Make it draw at a random position!
  5. Don't forget to run it in Turbo Mode (hold shift while clicking the Green Flag)!

  1. Now, lets make it splatter!
  2. Surround the script blocks with repeat (10).

  1. Let's make one for circles when you press S key!
  2. This time, set the size with pick random (0.01) to (1) only.
  3. This makes the circles fit in the stage.
  4. To make your brushes more interesting, feel free to add sounds every time you press a button.