Junior Coders : Scratch Canvas

Brush Strokes

  1. Let's make something different!
  2. When I press D key, draw a triangle.
  3. Make it draw in a random position.

  1. Now here's the challenge!
  2. Make the cat draw three triangles in a row
  3. Here's a hint! after the cat draws a triangle make it move forward!

  1. Let's make the triangles livelier!
  2. Now add random pen color and pen size.

  1. Here's a challenge!
  2. Make a custom block that draws a row of triangles!
  3. This time, make it receive quantity and size.
  4. Quantity will state how many times the triangle is drawn. While size dictates how big your triangle should be drawn.

  1. Now use the custom block with random numbers for both quantity and size.
  2. Your brush should look like this.

  1. Great job! Now you can play with these keys A, S, and D to make a colorful painting!
  2. Try drawing more patterns!