Junior Coders : Dance Video

Getting Started

  1. Hey there! To learn more about Sequences, we'll be doing our own music video!
  2. This guide will walk you through the activity.
  3. Feel free to add more things and to play around.
  4. If you find yourself lost, just refer back to this guide.
  5. Most of all, enjoy!

  1. Start a new Scratch project.
  2. Delete the Scratch cat, we won't use him for now.
  3. To delete you, right click on the sprite and select Delete.
  4. You may also click the scissors icon at the top bar and click on the sprite to delete.
  5. Save your work. Don't forget to save your progress every once in a while.

  1. Add a new sprite by clicking the library.
  2. For now, use the sprite called 1080 Hip-Hop.

  1. You may use shrink or grow tool to adjust the size of the sprite.
  2. We can use other sprites later on.