Junior Coders : Dance Video

Make the Sprite Dance

  1. Add switch costume to [1080 pop R arm v] to your sprite.
  2. Click the dropdown and choose any of the costumes available.
  3. Click the block and see what happens to the sprite.

  1. If you got it correctly, your sprite should change it's costume.
  2. Now, add another switch costume to [1080 pop R arm v] and attach it to the block you placed earlier.
  3. Make sure the costume is different from the one you chose earlier.
  4. Click any of the blocks and see what happens.

  1. The costume might have changed, but it should have changed twice.
  2. That is because the costume switched twice really fast!
  3. To fix this, add wait (1) secs in the middle of the two blocks.
  4. Click the blocks again and see what happens.
  5. It should change costume twice.

  1. Add more blocks to make your sprite dance a sequence.
  2. Play around with other blocks like move (10) steps or turn cw(15) degrees
  3. Here's a sample script for your sprite. Feel free to play around with more blocks.

  1. Add a when [space v] key pressed at the top to make your sprite move upon pressing a key.
  2. You may assign a different key to make it move.