Junior Coders : Dance Video

Build the Party

  1. Add some spice to your music video by changing the backdrop.
  2. Add a new backdrop from the library.
  3. You may choose any backdrop you like.

  1. Don't forget to add music!
  2. Click on the sounds tab to select a music.
  3. Choose a sound from the Sound Library.

  1. In the Library click Music Loops.
  2. Select any sound you want to use.

  1. Go back to your scripts tab and add When flag clicked
  2. Add Forever from the control blocks.
  3. From the sound blocks, add play sound [music loop v] until done
  4. Select the music loop that you selected earlier.

  1. You may add more loops to modify your background music.
  2. Just repeat the steps to add a loop from the sound library.
  3. Try attaching another play sound [music loop v] until done
  4. Try it out by clicking the green flag.