Junior Coders : Mandala Maker

Make the Brush

  1. Hey there! I hope you had fun learning sequences!
  2. Today we'll learn more about loops through making mandalas.
  3. Before we start, we gotta make our brush.

  1. We won't be using Scratch cat for now, but don't delete him.
  2. Let's use the shrink tool on the cat to make it really small.
  3. For this activity, the cat will be our brush!

  1. Now, let's try drawing with Scratch!
  2. First, let's use when [space v] key pressed
  3. Now, attach pen down. This will make your sprite draw where ever it moves.
  4. Try it by attaching move (100) steps.
  5. Press spacebar and see what happens.

  1. Let's clear the drawing whenever we press the green flag by using this When green flag clicked.
  2. Attach pen up and then clear.
  3. To reset the cat's position to the middle, attach go to x:(0) y:(0).
  4. We'll be rotating the cat later on, so we should also reset its rotation by using point in direction(90 v).
  5. To make sure the cat is small enough, attach set size to (30)% from the Looks blocks.
  6. Your code block should look like this.