Junior Coders : Mandala Maker

Draw a Circle

  1. Let's draw our first shape!
  2. Remove move (100) steps attached to pen down

  1. To make the cat draw a circle we make him move 1 step forward and turn 1 degree 360 times!
  2. Now that we know loops, drawing a circle shouldn't be so hard!
  3. Attach repeat () and add 360.
  4. Inside the repeat block, add move (1) steps and turn CW (1) degrees.
  5. Now press spacebar and see what happens!

  1. The cat moves quite slow though. Let's make it rush!
  2. Under Edit menu, click Turbo Mode.
  3. You may also hold shift while clicking the green flag to turn on Turbo Mode.
  4. Now press the green flag, then press spacebar and see what happens.
  5. Now the cat is a fast as The Flash!