Junior Coders : What If...?

Starting a Scene

  1. To start a scene you usually use when green flag clicked.
  2. Here we set whatever the starting scene will contain.
  3. Once we add more elements to our story, it always helps to have a reset feature.
  4. Using this block, add the elements you want to be seen at the start of your scene.

  1. Unless you want to start with a blank backdrop, go select the first backdrop of your scene.
  2. Attach switch backdrop to [backdrop1 v] to a when green flag clicked block.

  1. Eventually, you'll be adding more backdrops.
  2. To know what you've added so far, click on the stage thumbnail at the bottom left of Scratch window.
  3. You'll be able to see a Backdrops tab instead of Costumes tab.

  1. Here are some of the blocks we use to reset our scene.
  2. go to x:(0) y:(0) places your sprite's initial position.
  3. show and hide are used on sprites depending on when they will appear in your scene.
  4. switch costume to [costume1 v] to choose your sprite's first look.
  5. set size to (100) % is helpful if the size of your sprite changes over time.
  6. stop all sounds clears what ever is playing.